Cleaning, restoring, and protecting a car's interior and exterior are all part of the process known as car detailing. It involves the use of specialized tools and products to clean, polish, wax and protect all areas of an automobile from the wheels to the paintwork. It also includes shampooing carpets, leather care and conditioning, upholstery cleaning and protection as well as applying protective waxes on painted surfaces. ...Car Detailing services refer to the professional cleaning and reconditioning of vehicles’ exterior and interior components. These services involve a detailed inspection and hand-washing or machine polishing of the car’s surfaces. Automobile detailing is typically done with specialized products, tools, and techniques, ensuring that all nooks and crannies are thoroughly cleaned and protected from environmental damage. The end result is a vehicle that looks great inside and out. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of some of the best car detailing companies in Edmonton. From waxing and buffing to interior cleaning and polishing, these businesses offer a wide range of services that will leave your car looking better than ever!

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1 First Detailing Studio

First Detailing Studio

With their commitment to customer service and dedication to providing the highest-quality auto detailing services in the Edmonton region, First Detailing Studio is a leading business in vehicle paint protection. They invest in professional products, tools, and training to be sure that they are offering the best possible protection for your car. Their use of only premium products guarantees that you will have a positive experience, helping your vehicle look like new for years to come.

Name First Detailing Studio
Contact No. 780 5400111
Address 15313 112 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 2N9
Social Media Facebook Instagram Pinterest Youtube
Services offered Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating, Car Washing, Window Tinting, Car Polishing & Paint Correction
Payment Mode Cash, Visa, MasterCard
Working Hours Monday to Friday 9am–5pm Saturday Closed Sunday Closed
Experience NA
Review on Yelp -“These guys know what they are doing. Their shop manager Val does magic, he showed me all the tools he detailed my Escalade with, i didn’t even know such things existed. Check out their Ceramic Pro coat too! I’m getting it installed in August. This shop is the best”- Oleksiy P

2 The Boys Mobile Detailing

The Boys Mobile Detailing

The Boys Mobile Detailing is an eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious auto detailing spa on wheels based out of Edmonton Alberta. They are a steam-based startup that utilizes the latest eco-friendly, biodegradable, nonhazardous technology and products to detail your vehicle. At The Boys Mobile Detailing, water conservation is the aim, and steam technology is the game. With our high-pressure superheated dry steam arrangement, a full average-sized vehicle, including the engine compartment, can be cleaned and detailed with just 3 to 6 litres of water (approximately 90 – 150 litres required with conventional methods).

Name The Boys Mobile Detailing
Contact No. 7802579647
Address Edmonton, AB, Canada, Alberta
Social Media Facebook Instagram Youtube Twitter
Services offered Car Exterior & Interior Detailing, Steam Cleaning, Paint Protection, Interior Enhancement & Protection
Payment Mode Cash, Visa, MasterCard
Working Hours Monday to Saturday 8am–7pm Sunday Closed
Experience 2 years
Review on Google – “Excellent quality work! Capable, professional, genuine, responsive – fair pricing, detail-oriented, and cares about the work. I appreciate the results and the excellent service experience. Will refer them without reservation, and will book again.” – Maureen Parker

3 Monkman’s Mobile Detailing

Monkman’s Mobile Detailing

At Monkman’s Mobile Detailing, they specialize in providing quality care at the most competitive prices. Their owner is a professionally certified technician and they offer exotic/luxury vehicle client references on request. Their convenient travel services can save you time and money, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your car for detailing. They also, provide exceptional client services tailored to busy lifestyles so that you are fully satisfied with their services! Plus, as a local and family owned/operated business, you can rest assured that they will be there when you need them.

Name Monkman’s Mobile Detailing
Contact No. 7809995973
Address Edmonton, AB, Canada, Alberta
Social Media Facebook
Services offered Vacuuming Car Carpets, Leather Cleaning And Conditioning, Interior Wiping & Steaming, Stain Removal
Payment Mode Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, G-Pay
Working Hours Monday to Sunday 8:30am–6pm
Experience NA
Review on Facebook – “Amazing service and so easy to set up for there team to come to my house and do a full cleaning of my Nissan Frontier truck. Very professional and outstanding price. The truck looked show room condition after they finished.” – Mikey Moogent

4 Bubbles Car Wash & Detail Centre Windermere

Bubbles Car Wash & Detail Centre Windermere

At Bubbles Car Wash & Detail Centre, they are committed to providing the highest quality and most reliable car-care services in Edmonton, Calgary, and Kelowna. With a variety of car wash and auto detailing options available, you can count on them to give your vehicle the care it deserves! From their renowned hand wash to more comprehensive treatments like waxing or shampooing, their experienced team is sure to leave your vehicle looking its best. All of their services can be performed anytime without needing an appointment, making caring for your vehicle easy and convenient. So trust Bubbles with all of your car-care needs – with over 30 years in the business they are the preferred choice for car washes & auto detailing!

Name Bubbles Car Wash & Detail Centre Windermere
Contact No. 7804489274
Address 6231 Andrews Loop SW,Edmonton, AB T6W 3G9
Social Media Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube
Services offered Car Wash Service, Auto Detailing Service
Payment Mode Cash,Visa, MasterCard
Working Hours Monday to Saturday 9am–5pm Sunday 10am–4pm
Experience N/A
Review on Yelp – “I hate a dirty car. I just feel bad for it. The car can’t clean itself, and it certainly can’t tell me when it should be cleaned. Poor cars. Some are so dirty all the time you can’t even tell what colour they were to begin with. But not my car, nope! I like to keep her shiny and clean and Bubbles definitely helps to do this. I especially love the way the bays are set-up. It would seem that having a car wash right off MacLeod Trail would lead to a huge line-up that backs traffic up all the way to Glenmore. But this doesn’t happen. The entrance is conveniently located towards the back so the line-ups actually don’t affect traffic at all. These people were thinking when they designed this place. I can’t say too much about the price, since it’s pretty much the same everywhere, and I can’t talk about the service, since it’s a do-it-yourself place. What I can tell you is that they bays are large, have closing doors to clean in privacy, and the amount of time remaining is displayed so you know when to add more coin. It’s just a pretty good car wash. And you can’t miss it since it’s got that huge poll with a giant BUBBLES at the top of it!” – Lindsay K

5 Champs Detailing

Champs Detailing

Champs Detailing was founded with the goal of providing customer-oriented detailing services with outstanding quality results and reasonable prices. Founder Miles, growing up passionate about automobiles, decided to create an auto detailing business in his younger years. With money from doing lawn mowing and manual labor jobs, he bought the necessary tools for a mobile auto detailing service: an old steam cleaning device, vacuum cleaner, pressure washer, cleaning towels, and detailing brushes. The studio provides a quality-controlled environment for all sorts of vehicles such from cars and trucks to RVs and boats. It serves as a one-stop shop for numerous services such as paint correction polishing, ceramic coating, paint protection film window tinting, RV exterior restoration services, boat/marine exterior restoration services, and semi-truck detailing services.

Name Champs Detailing
Contact No. 7808037173
Address 16706 110 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 1G9, Canada
Social Media Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube
Services offered Detailing Services, Paint Protection Service, Window Tinting Service
Payment Mode Cash,Visa, MasterCard,
Working Hours Monday to Sunday 8am–8pm
Experience 6 years
Review on Trustindex – “Amazing job car looks great. Also had the ozone treatment on another car to get rid of smoke smell and it’s total gone.” – Scott Murdoch

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